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Prioritizing maternal health in Smithfield and Isle of Wight County.


At Smithfield Moms Collective our mission is to provide mothers of young children in the Western Tidewater region with access to resources and information locally to allow them to optimize their physical and mental well-being and improve health literacy.


This non-profit organization was created secondary to the recognition of its founder of the lack of resources available to new mothers locally within the Smithfield/Isle of Wight County area while going through her own pregnancy and postpartum period. During this transitional

time period the organization’s founder came to find that even as a well-educated medical professional herself that she had a lot of questions left unanswered and limited access to education locally thus exaggerating the sensation of isolation.


This transitional time period during a woman’s life can be very isolating secondary to a quick and drastic change in one’s identity and responsibilities and can secondarily lead to alterations in physical and mental health.


The goal with this non-profit organization is to not only provide its members with a place locally to gain knowledge but also to be a place where women can connect with other women to help them build a local support network.


Well Logo.jpg

Our logo symbolically consists of a drinking well with this, in accordance with ancient tradition, both symbolically and physically representing the center of the community.


From the drinking well, the community draws water, the basic sustenance for life with metaphorically the well presenting all of the social resources of the community that are necessary to endure and thrive. If the well falls into disrepair and/or does not exist, the community will suffer.


As a non-profit organization our goal is to be the “drinking well” and provide our community with a common ground centrally located within the community where they may be able to learn and obtain support from one another to thus allow the community to thrive.

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