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Welcome to Smithfield Moms Collective!

Here at Smithfield Moms Collective, maternal health is our priority.

It is our hope that we may be able to improve maternal health literacy and healthcare accessibility in our Western Tidewater region so that women may be able to better advocate for themselves and to optimize both the physical and mental well-being of women.

Organizational History of Smithfield Moms Collective

This non-profit organization was created secondary to the recognition of its executive director, Victoria Bikkers, of the lack of resources available to new mothers locally within the Smithfield/Isle of Wight County area while going through her own pregnancy and postpartum period. During this time period the organization’s founder came to find that even as a well-educated medical professional herself that she had a lot of questions during this transitional time period and limited access to groups locally to help educate herself and support her. At the time of the creation of this organization there are currently no resources available which meet this description within the City of Smithfield nor Isle of Wight County with currently no obstetric/gynecology specialists within the region.

The Postpartum Transition

This transitional time period during a woman’s life can be very isolating secondary to a quick and drastic change in one’s identity and responsibilities and can secondarily lead to alterations in physical and mental health. The goal with this non-profit organization is to not only provide its members with a place locally to gain knowledge but also to be a place where women can connect with other women to help them build a local support network.

With regards to motherhood, we believe in the phrase “It takes a village” and recognize that for one to be able to advocate for themselves and their family that first they must have the knowledge and education to be able to do so. We strive to be able to provide our local community with these resources free of cost

and additionally provide new mothers with a group locally of women within a similar stage of life to support one another. We are able to achieve our mission through partnership with local experts in their fields who are able to educate the group members regarding their expertise.

Our Mission at Smithfield Moms Collective

At Smithfield Moms Collective our mission is to provide local mothers of young children with access to resources and information locally to allow them to optimize their physical and mental well-being. During this transitional phase in a woman’s life, where often the primary focus is placed on the health and well-being of the child, our focus is placed on the physical and mental well-being of the mother, someone who is often forgotten about during this phase of life.

Our primary service offered will be monthly educational discussion, free of charge, to help disseminate information to the local community regarding subject matters which are important to help optimize the physical and mental health of women who are mothers of young children.

Here, at Smithfield Moms Collective, we strive to become the “drinking well” for the community – A place locally where women may meet to gain knowledge, the sustenance of life, and create a community so that we may become stronger together.

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